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Start a real estate franchise with Oikos Real Estate Café

The OIKOS Real Estate Café franchise, is based on a Business Format, where the franchising company teaches its associated franchisee entrepreneurs the assembly of physical and digital spaces, their operations, training and sale with their minor final processes; as well as the support in the organization and logistics of the supply of what is required for its operation. Professional support and advice throughout the business process.

Why have a franchise with us?

We put at your disposal the intellectual property rights involved “RECOGNIZED BRAND” use of the brand; that is to say, the “KNOW HOW” of the business. The new associate entrepreneur goes hand in hand with previous training and advice, having at his disposal the recognition, the trajectory, contacts, the communication and marketing tools of the brand; nationally and internationally.


OIKOS Real Estate Café born from a trajectory of more than 40 years in the real estate market. It is endorsed by its distinction, presence, work passion and experience recognized by both the consumer clients of our services; as well as by the society of real estate companies, associates, independent professionals, developers and real estate developers from Venezuela and other countries in America and Europe.

Corporate identity


Advice, training and constant personalized training to each of the different groups that make up the franchise; on cutting-edge topics and trends related to business techniques, sales, digital tools and technological advances in general. In order to achieve a greater projection of the business.


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