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About Us

We are a Consortium Consolidated, made up of a group of companies that contribute to economic and financial development through construction, promotion and real estate offer at a national and international level.

Our main objective is to fulfill the investment dreams of our clients, through the provision of a service with human quality to the real estate service.

Always multiplying your investment!

Our company

Real Estate and Financial Investments OIKOS , CA, is a consortium founded 40 years ago and dedicated to the real estate work of presales, sales and rentals of residential and commercial properties. Our specialty is the study, segmentation and positioning of primary market real estate projects at a national and international level.

Today, our brand OIKOS Real Estate Café is at the forefront of advancements and new business models. With the development of a digital concept supported by a sustainable and sustainable web platform, which allows professional development and the provision of services and supports; as well as the interrelation of negotiations between real estate professionals both in Venezuela and internationally.

This brand also offers a system of associated franchises for the development of real estate professionals, this is a business format that can be consolidated through the establishment of a Real Estate Café in physical form or through the real estate platform via ¨on line¨.


Provide an optimal service in the areas of buying and selling, renting and stock market; and make available to our Clients, Independent Professionals, Companies, Developers, Associates and Representatives of the brand OIKOS Real Estate Café , a first class web platform for your professional work. As well as a physical space where the quality of comprehensive care of real estate professionals is combined in a space for exhibitions of projects and real estate, with the tranquility of tasting a good coffee and doing a good business.


OIKOS Real Estate Café, CA It is projected as a leading brand in the Real Estate Field, always at the forefront of the changes that arise in the field and in the digital area; made up of teams of specialists prepared and committed to guaranteeing an optimal service of quality and satisfaction for clients, workers and the like. Developing nationally and internationally under the commercial scheme of Digital Advertising Services and Real Estate Cafes, through the unification of standards, procedures and policies of the commercialized brand, directed towards the proposed objectives.

Our values

Our Team

Since its foundation, our consortium has a multidisciplinary team of Professionals and Technicians such as:

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